Lindsay Lawless

3 Tips for Shifting Your Money Mindset

Do you need some tools to start shifting your money mindset out of fear or scarcity and into abundance? I am going to share three tips with you to do just that so you can start doing the work and building your future right now. Some of these tips you will be able to take action on right away, and some of them you may need to allow some time for them to fully implement & resonate. You can always come back to this blog post and revisit once you have started implementing these strategies to make sure you have solidified the new shifts in your relationship with money.


The first tip that has been so transformational for me and my clients is journaling. This unique type of journaling is a very intentional neuro linguistic programming (NLP) process used to shift our mindset. 

  • Step 1: Do a brain dump. Get everything out of your head and on to paper. Don’t filter your thoughts and write how you think you SHOULD be feeling, make sure you stay true to what you are really feeling without any restraint, restrictions, or modifications.

  • Step 2: Identify your limiting beliefs. Go through and highlight or underline any beliefs that you think are holding you back, or that you want to shift.

  • Step 3: Think about the way that you want to shift those beliefs, and make sure you are sticking to things you actually resonate with. Then rewrite the same journal entry with your new shifted beliefs. By rewriting it, you are starting to give your brain proof that those things are already true. 

Another tip, and one that I use (almost) every single day, is meditation. Meditation helps us tune into an abundance frequency. If you are just starting to work on your money mindset, mediation will help you shift your energy and experience what abundance feels like. Journaling will help shift your mind, but meditation will help you accelerate your shift & uplevel. You can listen to quiet music, money affirmations, or guided meditations. You can even do a moving meditation.

If you like guided meditations, here is a free 15 min Manifest Wealth Guided Meditation I put together you can download and listen to whenever you’d like to tune into the frequency of abundance. It’s also excellent for releasing fear, anxiety, and scarcity around money. But remember that affirmations are only as good as the underlying belief system. You have to find what resonates with you and feels good for you, as this work isn’t one size fits all. 

The third tip, and one of the core principles of my coaching philosophy, is identifying and shifting your money story. You need to examine your history with money and wealth & identify events or relationships that have impacted your money mindset. Maybe your parents were always in debt and you have the belief that all debt is bad or you are doing something wrong if you have any debt. But in reality, some types of debt can be leveraged to increase your wealth and not drain it. So really dive into all the things that have influenced your relationship with money and start to shift those using the strategies I listed above. We’ll be diving into this deeper in coming weeks, so stay tuned for that.


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