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Founder of Lawless Balance, my mission is to educate and support womxn to create a powerful, confident, & secure relationship money + cash flow.


I am a former Corporate Accountant turned Money Consciousness Coach. After years of working in public accounting and servicing high end clients, I realized it was time womxn had access to this kind of financial literacy. So I help womxn executives and entrepreneurs who want to transform their relationship with money to get out of the debt cycle and generate true wealth.


You deserve to stand strong in your finances. To feel clarity and peace of mind when you think about money. And have a step by step plan to get you there. We provide an integrative approach to Heal Money Trauma & Create Sustainable Wealth © so you can build generational wealth for yourself and your family.

Lindsay showed me the systems to scale my business & bring in $25K of additional income

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Find Your Cash Flow

Get the proven step-by-step system to secure additional streams of income and find your cash flow.

Women of Wealth Mastermind

Learn all of the high level strategies to embody your wealthiest self. So you can control your money and finally get it working for you.

Coaching Certification Program

For coaches & coaches in the making who want to feel confident as f*ck about earning, keeping, and spending cash

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Financial Education Articles


"Don't wait until you need credit to build your credit. Whether a car purchase, buying your first home, or applying for a line of credit, be ready for any opportunity that comes your way.

Keep your credit utilization low. This has a HUGE impact on your credit score. The optimal range is between 20-30%."


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