Are you ready to create consistent, predictable income?


Former Corporate Accountant turned Money Consciousness Coach, Lindsay Lawless helps women to feel confident and powerful through owning their personal & business finances.

Using her 10+ years of money & financial knowledge as well as her own money transformation story, Lindsay helps women heal their money trauma and create sustainable wealth.

We help women entrepreneurs:

  • Create consistent, predictable income.

  • Untie self worth from your net worth.

  • Gain control of your spending habits.

  • Start to build true wealth.

So you can finally:

  • Generate consistent 10K+ months.

  • Raise your prices.

  • Purchase your dream home.

  • Start that business.

  • Make investments that will take you to the next level.

  • Know your worth.

  • Stop the self sabotage once and for all.

No more uncertainty. No more debt collectors calling at all hours. No more financial stress keeping you up at night.


How we’re different:

  • Integrative approach which includes mindset, emotional elements, spiritual components, AND strategy.

  • Relationship first, strategy second. Your connection to money is about more than just spreadsheets.

  • Provide resources such as meditations and breathwork to help you implement these tools into every area of your life.

Service Areas:

  • Money Consciousness Coaching

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Budgeting

  • Payroll Processing

  • Automation of Bill Payments

  • Accounting Record Setup

  • Debt Payoff

  • Credit Repair

  • Overall Business Management

  • Business Coaching


Hear from our Clients…

“Lindsay is the perfect balance of patience and tough love! She’s not afraid to tell clients what they NEED to hear even if it’s not what they WANT to hear. And she actually holds you accountable to taking action and is super organized in tracking her clients progress and having the client take ownership. I’d like to say that if you’re thinking about working with Lindsay and it feels right and your intuition has led you here then DO IT! She’s one of the best coaches I’ve worked with!” - Valeria A. Hernandez