Are you ready to create consistent, predictable income?

lindsay lawless

Corporate Accountant turned Money Consciousness Coach Lindsay Lawless helps womxn heal their relationship with money so you can create a powerful, confident, & secure relationship with your cash flow.


Lindsay's framework & best-selling book Heal Money Trauma & Create Sustainable Wealth © uses an integrative approach including mindset, energy, AND strategy. So we can put more wealth into the hands of womxn, empowering them to build a legacy for themselves & their families while increasing the frequency of the planet!


She loves traveling, dance, yoga, meditation, reading, connection, healing, intellectual stimulation and deep conversations.


We help womxn entrepreneurs:

  • Create consistent, predictable income.

  • Untie self worth from your net worth.

  • Gain control of your spending habits.

  • Start to build true wealth.

So you can finally:

  • Generate consistent 10K+ months.

  • Raise your prices.

  • Purchase your dream home.

  • Start that business.

  • Make investments that will take you to the next level.

  • Know your worth.

  • Stop the self sabotage once and for all.

No more uncertainty. No more debt collectors calling at all hours. No more financial stress keeping you up at night.

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