Client Testimonials


"I always look forward to our calls because I feel like I'm making another step forward in the growth of the bigger online agency of my dreams. I feel that so much more is possible, that I can think bigger and Lindsay can show me the actual systems to build in order to achieve those loftier goals instead of doing things on the fly, which is my go to. Intuition is great and will get you far in many areas, but when you want to scale and create structure that will give you work life balance and bigger and better opportunities in the future, you need to front load that work now, not later when things start falling apart. This has been honestly the biggest pain point in running my businesses, I get excited to go go go, take action, but you need to build a foundation to grow faster later on. "

Aggie Burnett

Aggie Burnett Creative


“Lindsay is the perfect balance of patience and tough love! She’s not afraid to tell clients what they NEED to hear even if it’s not what they WANT to hear. And she actually holds you accountable to taking action and is super organized in tracking her clients progress and having the client take ownership. I’d like to say that if you’re thinking about working with Lindsay and it feels right and your intuition has led you here then DO IT! She’s one of the best coaches I’ve worked with!”

Valeria A. Hernandez

Plant-Based Coach