lindsay and jesse

Buying Our Second Home + Navigating a Seller’s Market

We are celebrating our official relocation to Albuquerque, New Mexico! For those of you who have been following our journey you probably know by now that your girl likes to travel. After leaving New York at the start of the pandemic, partly out of necessity rather than desire, we hit the road with our sights set on manifesting our next home.​

subconsious money blocks

Subconscious Money Blocks Between You & Abundance​

Living from abundance is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. However, scarcity is deeply embedded into our conditioning and keeps us from experiencing the true power of abundance. So how do we overcome our scarcity programming and step into abundance?

empowered spending

Empowered Spending for Conscious Consumers​

The Holiday season and New Year is a time to spend with family, celebrate, and rest after an incredibly long year.


This year, especially with all of the attention shifting towards shopping solely online, the “deals” and “savings” have been never ending. These offers have been continually flooding our inboxes and news feeds across all platforms for months

lindsay tips for shifting money mindset

3 Tips for Shifting Your Money Mindset​

Do you need some tools to start shifting your money mindset out of fear or scarcity and into abundance? I am going to share three tips with you to do just that so you can start doing the work and building your future right now. Some of these tips you will be able to take action on right away, and some of them you may need to allow some time for them to fully implement & resonate. You can always come back to this blog post and revisit once you have started implementing these strategies to make sure you have solidified the new shifts in your relationship with money.


Think You Don’t Make Enough Money to Own a Home? Think Again

One of the biggest questions millennials have today is: should I own a home, or should I just rent?

If you buy, you get a return on your money and an opportunity to build real wealth. If you rent, you are just throwing that away or financing your landlord's funds to put their kids through college.

planning budget

How to Build a Budget​

The first step is knowing what you make.


You have your income before tax, gross pay. And take home, or net pay. There are certain ways to save that allow you to take advantage of your pre-tax income, but lets slowww it down for a minute.

credit cards

Your Next Credit Card, Smarter​​

The first thing you need to do is check your credit. Running a credit report is free and painless. Even if you have never had a credit card, you should check your report to make sure everything listed is accurate.


Knowing your credit score and everything in your credit report will help you to make a more informed decision about which credit card is right for you.

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