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Heal Money Trauma & Create Sustainable Wealth

In this book, Corporate Accountant turned Money Consciousness Coach Lindsay Lawless uncovers the truth behind your relationship with money so you can stop living in constant financial struggle and overwhelm. Using these tools, you can navigate your way out of debt and manifest true wealth.

The first step is mastering your mindset. Next you will dive deeper to explore the emotional and spiritual components that affect your relationship with yourself and others to gain an understanding of your money story and shift the narrative to one that supports you and your dreams. Lindsay also shares stories from women who have taken control of their lives and finances to rewrite their story, transform their relationship with money, and create sustainable wealth. Then get ready to take action, as you will learn the financial strategies you need to know to take full ownership of your money and build a roadmap for your very own money success story.

"I feel that so much more is possible, I can think bigger & Lindsay can show me the actual systems to build in order to achieve loftier goals instead of doing things on the fly."

- Aggie Burnett


About the Author

Lindsay Lawless is a former Corporate Account turned Money Consciousness Coach who has helped countless women heal their relationship with money so they can feel confident and powerful through owning their personal & business finances.