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The No BS Approach to Financial Enlightenment

Break free from the cycle of debt & emotional spending so you can create a confident, powerful, and secure relationship with money.


A proven program that provides you with a step-by-step system to secure additional streams of income and find your cash flow.

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Hey Boss Woman

Have You Ever:


✔ Worked nights & weekends to bring in additional cash only to find yourself in the same position of barely making ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck?


✔ Built up your savings just to turn around and spend it all again on another unexpected expense and be right back at square one.


✔ Received additional cash that you tell yourself you’re going to use to pay down debt but blow it on an impulse buy of stuff you don’t really need instead.


✔ Tried all the financial strategies for budgeting, saving, paying down debt, and investing just to feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.


I get it. You’re not alone.

lindsay lawless

I'm Lindsay Lawless

generate additional streams of income

While I could have done this on my own, it would have taken A LOT longer.


I've been able to publish my first book Heal Money Trauma & Create Sustainable Wealth, become a Best-Selling Author, and secure an additional $30k in my business in a fraction of the time utilizing the exact same strategies I'm going to teach you in this program.


I fully believe you deserve to do make good money doing what you love, and I'm tired of seeing so many people overworked and underpaid, drowning in debt with no time to actually enjoy their lives.

“I feel more confident and in control of my finances in just a few weeks! I’ve been able to set aside money to spend on myself and not feel guilty. Lindsay is sharp, compassionate, & savvy. She gives actionable advice and provides amazing emotional support."

Alissa Leeds​ Data Analytics Expert

Imagine if…


🌟 You could work less and earn even more money to establish true financial freedom.


🌟 Pay off your debt and save for things like buying a house, getting married, or taking that vacation you’ve been dreaming about.


🌟 Start your dream business or take your business to the next level so you can have a massive impact.


🌟 Watch money flood into your bank account as you secure the kind of income that changes the trajectory of your life and your family’s lives forever.


Stop missing out on these incredible opportunities and make a plan for you to create true wealth and weather any storm.



Find your cash flow

The No BS Approach to Securing Your Financial Future


The only money program that uses an integrative approach to help you create a transformation that lasts and ensure that the financial strategies will stick!

Based on the framework featured in my Best-Selling Book Heal Money Trauma & Create Sustainable Wealth we will cover mindset, emotional elements, spiritual components, AND strategy so you can create a deep transformation that lasts.

here's what you'll learn

Find Your Cash Flow: The No BS Approach to Securing Your Financial Future is all about helping you:


Assess your values around money


Build sustainable wealth

By the end of your course, you will not only develop an entirely leveled up money mindset, but also really learn how to make this transformation stick and find a strategy that works for you to build sustainable wealth. So you can create a legacy and secure your financial future.

Still not sure if FYCF is right for you? I completely understand. And I want to be sure you’re stewarding your finances wisely and making the right investment for YOU. I’m happy to hop on a call with you to make sure it’s the right fit. You can schedule a call here.


This is an all-inclusive program that helps you:

  • Even if you’ve tried to get on top of your finances countless times.

  • Even if you’ve done other programs or courses claiming to help you get rich quick and have experienced disappointing results.

  • Even if you feel like you have no idea where to start and feel like you are never going to get out of the toxic debt cycle.

And most importantly! If you are SERIOUSLY ready to heal your money trauma, create sustainable wealth, step into your power, and achieve unshakable confidence in yourself while building a legacy for your family.

full program details

1. Tools for Sharpening Your Money Mindset​

2. Money Story

3. Childhood Trauma & Family Karma

4. Confidence & Self Worth

5. Save

How to save, what the hell you’re saving for, and creating space to play + dream.​

6. Spend

7. Invest

8. Additional Streams of Income


High Earners Not Rich Yet - Establishing Their True Assets



See what other HENRY-ETTAs had to say about this program…

“Lindsay is the perfect balance of patience and tough love! She’s not afraid to tell clients what they NEED to hear even if it’s not what they WANT to hear. And she actually holds you accountable to taking action and is super organized in tracking her clients progress and having the client take ownership. I’d like to say that if you’re thinking about working with Lindsay and it feels right and your intuition has led you here then DO IT! She’s one of the best coaches I’ve worked with!”

Valeria A. Hernandez

Plant-Based Coach

"I always look forward to our calls because I feel like I'm making another step forward in the growth of the bigger online agency of my dreams. I feel that so much more is possible, that I can think bigger and Lindsay can show me the actual systems to build in order to achieve those loftier goals instead of doing things on the fly. Intuition is great & will get you far in many areas. But when you want to scale and create structure that will give you work life balance & bigger, better opportunities in the future, you need to front load that work now, not later when things start falling apart. This has been the biggest pain point in running my businesses. I get excited to go go go and take action, but you need to build a foundation now to grow faster later on. "

Aggie Burnett

Aggie Burnett Creative

Lindsay meditating

Feel like there is some secret to building wealth that is only privy to the rich?


There is something that they understand that you might not have been taught about in school.


The wealthiest people in the world who are able to have a massive impact use this as their BIGGEST resource.


It took me years of education, work, research, implementation, and straight up trial-and-error to discover the ideologies that separate the wealthy from everyone else.


To figure out why some people can try and try but seem to make no progress at all with their finances and others can do one thing and it seems to work right away.


The truth is, it requires doing the deep work to heal your inner world first.


The good news? You can do it too. You can learn, grow, and heal.


So how come no one is talking about this?


The short answer is that it isn’t sexy, so it doesn’t sell.


The vast majority of people are looking for short-cuts, quick fixes, and whatever else they can find to become an overnight success.


Not you though. You know that those bandaid solutions won’t solve your problems. You are looking for a sustainable way to pay off debt, tackle emotional spending, and create true wealth.


Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to stick to a budget, you keep spending frivolously, and every time you set aside some additional funds you end up spending it right away?


Because you haven’t done the deep healing work, your mind doesn’t know otherwise, and your subconscious mind continues to control your financial decisions. That’s why.


What if you always knew how to respond to a difficult situation without emotionally spending, wracking up more debt, and feeling like crap about it?


With this program there is no more rollercoaster of fear and shame with your finances. You will become mentally and emotionally equipped with the tools you need and confident enough to know when and how to use them. Nothing will stop you from making conscious choices and following through with your financial roadmap.


Your financial strategies will actually stick. Finally you can manifest mad wealth.


The top earners are doing it. Now you can too.


Can’t I just Google finance tips?

Sure! You could Google around and find lots of information about how to save money and build wealth, but this course is about more than just skipping your morning Starbucks. We will work on healing your relationship with money from the inside out and learn lifelong tools that you can use to build sustainable wealth.


Is this course just for entrepreneurs?

Nope! This course is for anyone who wants to take control of their finances and create true wealth for themselves.


How much time will I need each week?

Expect to dedicate 3-4 hours a week between weekly coaching calls and action items & exercises to work on independently.


Are you going to cover basics like which types of investments accounts might be right for me?

We are going to cover Investment 101, which will prepare you for making initial investments and getting started.


Are you a financial advisor?

No. I have a degree in business with a major in accounting and a minor in finance. Once you understand the basics on investing after completing this program, I recommend finding a financial advisor to help you manage your portfolio and estate.


Can I afford this right now?

You can’t afford NOT to make this investment. How much more can you afford to lose on wasted expenses and unearned income?

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